So in May I had the pleasure of taking my first over seas wedding photography job shooting Suzy and Nathan’s wedding at Chateau de Cazenac, Bergerac, France. I had already photographed their ceremony at Jesus College, Cambridge the week before so the France do felt instantly very relaxed and, dare I say it, like a holiday!

The morning of the wedding began with croissants (obviously) sat overlooking the French countryside and a swim in the pool for some while Suzy began her preparations in the rather lovely and large windowed master bedroom of the Chateau.

Suzy was the vision of calm all day. Her hair was beautifully styled by the glamorous and wonderful Ella Cainzos Zola of Maluku Hair Company, Cambridge and her make up and flowers provided by local suppliers sourced by Suzy’s unflappable and super organised wedding planner Joanna Burgess. Suzy was walked down the aisle in her David’s Bridal dress to the sound of accordion and the breeze in the trees.

The humanist ceremony was beautifully written and conducted by Cambridge celebrant Julia A’Court and readings from Suzy’s cousin and Nathan’s sister. We were then treated to canapés and prosecco in the garden before heading to dinner – yes there was foie gras and a croque en bouche – and dancing into the night.

I’m so grateful to Suzy and Nathan for having me along. I absolutely loved my first destination wedding and I’m looking forward to blogging the next one very soon. (Sicily – how lucky am I?).

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