One of the wonderful things about hitting your thirties is that you begin to see your peers blossom into the careers and vocations they were always meant to have. Every now and then an old friend pops up in a film or in a newspaper or just on Facebook declaring a new phase of life and sometimes you don’t see it coming and others you think that was always going to happen. In the case of my dear friend Giovanna Ryan it was always obvious she was destined for great things but it wasn’t clear what exactly because she was good at EVERYTHING. She sang, she danced, she taught instruments, she was academic and she cooked. At college we sang next to each other in choir and wrote and performed musicals together in Performing Arts, spent weekends together rehearsing for one thing or another, and if we did this at her house we would get fed and that was always quite a treat – even ten years ago Giovanna’s cooking was as impressive as everything else she did. So when she got in touch recently to ask for some portraits because she going to be in MasterChef I was incredibly excited for her but I wasn’t all that surprised.

Here is a little blog post of the day we spent together a few weeks back wandering around Herne Hill farmers market, hanging out with her cats, cooking (mostly on Giovanna’s part), eating and shooting (mostly on mine) and reminiscing over our days at college. Giovanna made us some fennel madeleines, a crab linguine with romanesco broccoli and wild garlic soup and it was all pretty damn tasty. I so enjoyed this foray into food photography and I’m excited to have more cooking based bookings in the diary which I will reveal soon!

I’m very proud of my lovely friend and I’m so excited to see where her new adventure as a MasterChef finalist takes her. Good luck, Giovanna!

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