London Hampstead wedding photography at Burgh House

Richard and Phil’s wedding at Burgh House in Hampstead London was a joy to photograph. It was one of my first this year and it was emotional, heart felt and full of love. Everything I could want in a wedding!

Love wins

Richard is from France and Philip is English with some Welsh roots so this wedding was an opportunity to bring together those geographical threads. As many of Richard’s family had not been to London before the guests were treated to a tour of London from Greenwich to Hampstead on a red London bus and dinner provided a nod to British cuisine with prawn cocktail and Eton messes as well as Welsh lamb. Richard and Philip actually got engaged the day Brexit was announced as an act of defiance (as well as romance!) and a few moments were taken in the ceremony to remember those who were less privileged in being able to celebrate their love for each other. Liberté, égalité and fraternité were chosen as table names and the children sat at ‘Mignons’ which was adorned with sweet treats, polaroid cameras and the essential moustache on a stick props.

Better together

This was such a personal wedding. Despite feeling very laid back it was a perfect reflection of these two as a couple, their values and their belief that we are so much better together both personally and politically, if those things can be exclusive!  It’s clear that these two are nuts about each other but it’s also obvious that they care passionately about others, that we are not divided by hatred and ignorance and that we look after each other. It was really inspiring to see this reflected in their wedding and I was so glad that I was there to photograph it all. Congratulations, you lovely people you!